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  1. K


    IRVINE, Calif., June 16, 2022 – The 2023 Seltos is a carryover model with minor feature enhancements in the areas of noise reduction and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – newly added Blindspot Collision Avoidance-Rear (BCA-R) and Rear-Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance (RCCA) to the S...
  2. JazZmo

    KIA SELTOS GTX+1.4 Turbo Petrol (MT) Owner Reviews

    Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to all those who own the KIA SELTOS... welcome to the family! This thread will be solely dedicated to all those owning the GTX+1.4 Turbo Petrol (MT) variant and would like to know their honest feedback of the vehicle (Positives & Negatives). Feel free to put up your...
  3. K


    Aggressive Concepts Are Sneak Peeks Into Future of the All-New 2021 Seltos SUV Trail Attack Concept takes Seltos capability out of the suburbs and into parts unknown Urban Concept eagerly chews up the most intimidating potholes, taking on anything the mean streets can dish out LOS ANGELES...
  4. K

    Kia Seltos Australia Forum

    The Kia Seltos is available in Australia https://www.kia.com/au/cars/seltos/features.html
  5. K

    When will the KIA Seltos be available?

    Does anyone have any idea when the KIA Seltos will hit showrooms? If so, please give us that input... Thank you!
  6. K

    Where to buy a KIA Seltos?

    Let's get a list of dealers together who have the KIA Seltos in stock. It shouldn't be long now!
  7. K

    KIA Seltos Starts at $21,990 in the USA

    Let's discuss KIA Seltos pricing. Since it's larger than the Soul and smaller than the Sportage, I'm thinking it'll fit right in the middle of the two price-wise... edit: Starting price $21,990 in the USA...
  8. K

    Kia compact crossover caught completely uncovered

    It looks bigger than a Soul, smaller than a Sportage Kia has been teasing a new, global small crossover with some sketches the past couple of weeks. Now we get to see the actual crossover — called the Kia Seltos — completely unveiled well before the actual reveal. It seems to be sized between...