Best price available in June 2021


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Hi everyone,

looking to purchase a new 21 Seltos GT in black. Drive away offer is currently $45k, but with the end of financial year approaching and the 22 model set to be announced I was wondering how I should approach the salesperson.
So much questions are:

What are the best deals you have all received for your GT purchases in Australia?

Does anyone have insider information regarding price drops when the 22 model is released.

Is it worth waiting for the 22 model?

Any tips for the sales process are appreciated. Any information I can use to leverage a discounts etc.


Just googled 2022 model,spruiking it comes with new features which are standard on my Nov 2019 build sp2 with saftey pack. My guess is because of the chip shortage the only changes I foresee are cosmetic?? Also 2022 will get the new Kia logo.
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