I was talked into as a factory option to have hard wired front/back Blackvue dashcams,yep just over a grand extra,but worth it,then I decided,needs Seltos floor mats,then dash mat,then extra tint,then roof racks lol nearly 3 grand later still going to get more accessories. Yep have sucker on forehead lol,but hey looks good as it goes Next is to replace centre black hubs with red ones.oops forgot window shields. Needs a wash,will do it tmoz and put pic up to show just how nice it looks.(y)(y)(y)
If your Kia dealer has the option for hard wired Blackvue dashcams do it. The app will record if car is hit,alert you,great for insurance. Also when suv is parked the cams emit a intermittent light that will record,if you have no garage,great deterant for thieves.Also if stolen can log in and find vehicle,built in gps.
Hey Bluckvue how about free subscription lol.
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Ya, i walked out with tinted front windows, backs were already done at factory, the beautiful matts for it, the rear trunk protector......ya, same forehead here.