New Nav system update


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Hi All,

Just a heads up for those with a Seltos 2020. There is an update to the nav system that you can download and update yourself here.

I have done it and, tbh, I wish I hadn't. Not only is it a map update but it also updates the infotainment system as well. The new interface is drastically different and far harder to use if you are an Android Auto user (I'll assume something similar for your Apple using cousins too).

The previous "home" screen, split into 3 with map - android auto - trip advisory info has gone, replaced with a dark profile screen with a barely visible real-time map on the far right.

I used to be able to easily see what music or podcast I was listening to (and start or pause it easily) as well as info on travel driving and idle time etc. Now, I've had to assign AA to the star button so I can start and stop my podcasts and I can no longer figure out where to find my trip info if it is even available anymore.....

Whatsmore, I'm not even sure it did actually update the maps as I can't work out what version I had verses what version I have now! I've always been a bit of a tech-head and able to work stuff out quite quickly...but this one's got me stumped.


I was lucky our Kia new there was a problem with the update,my last service I requested a map update,picked suv up and was told,map update was down.