Problem in running of Dashcam in Seltos

S S Gadre

New member
I had Ciaz in which I was using A Dash Cam Hdlink which was purchased from Amazon in USA. It was was working all right for 3 years. Noe in March 2021 I purchased Kia Seltos and installed the same Dash Cam which run for one month normally. Suddenly one day it stopped working. During Second Service I informed the Service engineer to check and correct the problem. When I got the Vehicle back I was told that the camera can not be operated as it blows the fuse. They did not have any solution. They shown their inability on the ground that Camera is Not supplied by KIA. When I refereed the matter to Kia India they have again referred the same to my service Engineer who is not willing to take up the issue. Can anybody suggest the remedy?

S S Gadre

New member
After taking my vehicle for checking the Local Dealer has now informed me that your camera is incompatible with Seltos? What is a compatibility of Dashcam with a Car? It needs a power Supply of 12 volts, thats all. The Camera does not interacts with any part of the car, then how it can be incompatible? Please let me know if anybody knows.


when I bought mine the dealer installed Blackvue 2ch cams
Your dealer seems to be very nice. Our dealer has NO technical experts with them. Thanks for the information.
Wish I could help more. Only other way is to but use powered cams
They work fine,setup is crucial.