Remote starting feature


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Hi we just bought a sports plus, which drives beautifully, however 1 gripe we have is the remote starting feature on the key fob refuses to work consistently,.
it is very much hit and miss, always embarrassing when you want to show someone.
Is anyone experiencing the same problem?


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(I posted this to a similar thread.)
I use the Kia Access app for remote starting and have had no problems. Since I park the car outside, being able to customize it for 75-degrees F and defroster and seat warmer on made getting in on the cold-ish mornings last winter much nicer. The 10 minute limit is a pain - I need to set a timer on my phone to remind myself to restart it since I've found it needs 20 minutes to be comfortable.


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I haven't had that problem, but I don't use it that much. Unfortunately we also don't have the Kia Access app available in Australia, I even asked why it was available in Australia if we couldn't use it! Not sure if it will and why we don't. Have a chat with your dealer and show him the problem. If it is brand new, it should be working a treat.


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I use the Kia app also, UVO intelligence. but to this day, i still haven't figured out how to use the fob to start it. I tried it a few times and gave up. I am wondering if it has to be enabled somewhere, either in the cars settings or by the dealer. I would contact your dealer and find out why it doesn't seem to work, or maybe what we are doing wrong. I have to admit, the app is awesome, in Canada as you probably know, we have summers in the high 20's and winters in the negatives, so i have 2 settings, one for winter, and another for summer, turning on the AC and cooled seats.

I think the reason you don't have the app available in Australia, is because its uses satellite to do it, same with the function "find my car", which i absolutely love using to see where my wife is when I'm supposed to be ready to go lol.