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What will the KIA Seltos be replacing for you?

Kia Seltos

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Hope it's OK I bump this thread up a bit. XD

Came from a 2018 Mercedes C300. (Though we also have a 2013 Kia Soul in the car lineup).
I wanted something a bit bigger to pack the dogs around. So far, i've been loving it. :D
Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up. I'm glad you found us! So how does the Seltos compare to the Kia Soul and Mercedes-Benz C300?


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Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up. I'm glad you found us! So how does the Seltos compare to the Kia Soul and Mercedes-Benz C300?

Thank you!
Well, it is much better than the Kia Soul. The soul is a manual base i purchased in 2012. It is still on the road today as my husbands commuter car and packs on mileage. While it is slow, and certainly outdated, it has been incredibly reliable. So far only oil changes, tires, brakes.

Trying to compare the Seltos to the Merc is apples to oranges. XD The Mercedes was definitely more luxurious, and quite a bit quicker. The entertainment system drove me absolutely nuts though. I always had issues getting my phone connected. And while decent on gas mileage, it required premium fuel which hurt at the pump. XD It wasn''t quite old enough yet to run into mechanical issues, but they're incredibly expensive when they do pop up.

So far, ive really been enjoying the Seltos. It's a bit slow, but roomy and the dogs like it. I also enjoy that it is AWD. I'm hoping for the same reliability as the Soul.


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I'm leasing the 2021 S Turbo, I've been driving it since May and so far I really like it. It replaced a 2017 Kia Forte LX. I liked the Forte but I am a tall (5'8) woman and there wasn't enough headroom for me. I also could not clearly see the speedometer even after adjusting the steering wheel numerous times. I like that I sit up higher in the Seltos and I also chose it because of the AWD. I have to drive on really gnarly roads in the winter (steep hills and dangerous curves) so I'm hoping that the Seltos will perform well for me in the winter. I had Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires put on recently as I read that they perform quite well. I like how the computer is aware of the current weather conditions- when I put my key in to start the Seltos up this afternoon I saw this message on the dashboard: Ice Possible, Drive With Care. Ahhh, it's nice to know that my vehicle is looking out for me! :)


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Replaced my 2021 Kia Soul GT Line (great vehicle) with a 2022 Kia Seltos SX turbo - love it! My wife has a 2022 Forte GT Line and it had one feature that I really wanted when I saw it... the Smart Cruise Control. I had my eye on the Setos when it first came to the US, and just a couple of weeks ago my Kia dealer had the SX (which has the SCC on it) and it was in the color I wanted so we negotiated and I got it.

I was pleased and surprised with what they offered for the Soul - it only had 8095 miles on it. I was expecting negative equity on it, but their offer came near the original sale price was minus what I owed. So I had a substantial trade-in value.

My only disappointment was how much the dealer marked up the price from the sticker... 18.5% - I talked them down to just 8% but still... a bit of a mark-up. I did get lucky with the haggling, though. The car was the last Seltos on the lot and just as we agreed to it, someone else came in wanting it. I drove away with a smile :)
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